Our Ethos:  

We live in a crowded and essentially flat city. We all need to appreciate and use the public space that exists for our own recreation, fitness and general wellbeing.

Whatever people do in life; rich, poor, single, married, with children or without, the people who are happiest are those who have not forgotten that the most important thing we can do is have fun. If we can share that fun with others, harm no-one as a result of our recreation and “leave no trace” of litter or damage to land or property then what better way could we spend our lives?




In our busy work lives we also need to focus on using our time more efficiently. If this means combining our commuting time with our exercise then cycling, unicycling, skating or powerising to work is often quicker and considerably more fun than being in a car or jammed like sardines on a tube or a bus. How can you appreciate the beauty of a park or the magnificence of our city’s great buildings when you are 200 feet underneath them with your nose in someone else’s armpit?

  Cheech ->  

Cheech loves to fly powerkites and ride in his kite buggy. He unicycles to work on a 36” wheel and will play Frisbee anytime, anywhere. He is a member of the Hackney Freewheel unicycle hockey team. He will have a go at virtually any land based sport but has been banned from skateboarding due to lack of talent.


  Conor ->  

Conor is our juggler. An excellent diabolist he also has a sick mind when it comes to solving puzzles. His ambition is to be kite-jumping over the goalposts on Hackney Marsh by the end of the summer. He trains in circus arts and has a body to make women of any age go weak at the knees.




  <- Joe  

Joe has been around the business since we started. He is a fanatic skateboarder with a habit of loosing decks (Good thing he always has access to replacements!) He is rubbish on a unicycle but great at balancing spinning plates on his nose.


We have a whole bunch of other friends without whom the business would not be what it is. Some of them are pictured around the site. A big shout goes out to Emma the Skates, Dr Plyers, Ma and Pa Miller, Rafique and Noah, Lucas, Minty and Mack, Mohammed, Martin 1Wheel, Ralph, James, Shahid, Ema, Emanuel, Cane and all the Hackney Freewheel Posse.

Victoria Park is a great place to live and work and we wouldn’t be here without the help and support of our neighbouring businesses. Sublime, Victoria Park Books, DGT Technology and many other members of the Victoria Park Traders association.